HOBOware™ Data Logger Software

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Product Information

HOBOware™ Pro Data Logger Software

  • Helps to easily organize your weather data
  • Powerful graphing features
  • Calculates statistics
  • USB interface cable

This powerful HOBOware™ Pro data logger software allows for easy logger setup and launch, readout, data graphing, analysis and data export. The HOBOware™ data logger software is compatible with all U-Series loggers and data shuttles. Powerful graphing features allow you to plot and filter data from multiple loggers or successive deployments. The HOBOware™ data logger software also calculates statistics over a user-defined interval. Only one software package is required to operate all of your U-Series Hobo® data loggers. Includes USB interface cable. USA made.
NOTE: System requirements – 256 MB system (512 MB recommended) with Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.5 or 1.6. Need 3.5 MB free disk space after installing JRE. Microsoft® Windows XP Professional® or Home Edition®, Windows 2000 Professional®, Windows 2000 Server® or Microsoft Vista® Business or Home Premium are required with one open USB port.

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