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Bull Rope

Item No: 12480
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Product Information

The toughest rope we've found!

  • Nylon core bull rope with double-braided polyester jacket
  • Coated to resist snagging and abrasion

Double-braided, composite bull rope provides the best in abrasion resistance, breaking strength and energy absorption. Bull rope is ideal for debris removal, anchoring and lifting, tree trimming and other heavy-duty work. Bull rope is constructed from a nylon core that is covered in a polyester jacket to exceed the breaking strength of double-braided polyester. Premium coating is applied to provide excellent resistance to abrasion. Rope can be spliced. Made in Canada.

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 Color  Rope Size  Break Strength
 Blue  1/2”x150 ft.   9,500 lbs.
 Yellow  9/16”x150 ft.  14,000 lbs.
 Red  5/8”x150 ft.  18,000 lbs.
 Orange  3/4”x150 ft.  23,000 lbs.

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