Chemsorb ® Universal Sorbent Variety Pack

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Item No: 123159
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Product Information

Chemsorb ® Universal Sorbent Variety Pack

Everything you need for universal spill containment

The bulk pack contains a variety of universal spill sorbents in any easy-access box for quick response. Expanded silicate sorbents are ideal for general maintenance, spill cleanup or haz-mat spill response. Use for pesticides, oils, solvents, acids, alkalis, and other water-based chemicals. Excellent for refilling your spill kit. USA Made.

Note: Not for use with hydrofluoric acid or hydrazine.

Kit Includes:

(10) Pillows, 10"L x 10"W

(16) Diking tubes, 3" dia. x 43" L

(4) Pillows, 18"L X 18"W

(2) Haz-mat disposable bags

(2) Haz-mat labels