N/A ETgage™ Evapotranspiration Gauge

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Product Information

ETgage™ Evapotranspiration Gauge

  • Monitor moisture loss and maximize yields
  • Includes rain gauge to measure rainfall
  • Enhance plant health
  • USA made

Easy-to-use gauge simulates moisture loss from plants and soil so you know exactly when and how much to water your garden, greenhouse or grass. Enhance plant health, improve yields and conserve water, fertilizer, topsoil and labor through better water management. Reduces pollution from deep percolation. The ETgage evaporates distilled water (not included) through a ceramic plate covered by a green fabric to mirror evapotranspiration from a well-irrigated plant canopy such as turf grass or alfalfa. Simply read the site tube mounted to the water reservoir cylinder—no calculations required. Includes rain gauge to measure rainfall. USA made.