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Grease Joint Rejuvenator Cleaning Tool

Item No: 109643
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Product Information

Grease joint rejuvenator tool opens clogged and stuck grease joints and fittings

  • Hard-to-find, commercial-grade maintenance solution
  • Unclogs stubborn grease fittings without having to replace them
  • Allows clogged grease joints to take on grease by injecting a light
    viscosity oil through the fitting
  • Includes a flexible 4,800 p.s.i. hose extension for hard-to-reach areas

This unique, 1144 stress-proof steel tool allows clogged grease joints or fittings to take on grease by injecting light-viscosity oil into the grease joint through the fitting (loosening hardened grease that will not allow the new grease to flow through). To use, simply remove the piston from the tool body and fill with a light viscosity oil (such as penetrating oil), then bleed air off and place the tool onto the fitting. Tap the piston head with a light hammer until the piston moves down the tool body (which tells you the clog has come free). Now the fitting and joint is unclogged and ready to accept grease for proper operation. Included in the kit is a flexible, 4,800 p.s.i. hose extension, which may be needed to access difficult to reach fittings. Tool is 8-1/2" long and weighs 1 lb. USA made.

NOTE: The grease joint cleaner now comes in a black blow-molded case.

2016 Master Catalog: Page 597

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