10" Adjustable Locking Wrench

Item No: 104271
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Product Information

Adjustable wrench "locks on" and won't slip off

Combines an adjustable wrench with a vice grip

  • Ideal for one-man jobs
  • Exceeds ANSI standards for torque
  • Chrome plated for maximum rust resistance

This tool combines an adjustable wrench with a vice grip to give you a hold on fasteners that will not slip. No more busted knuckles or cutting bolts that have been rounded off by open or box end wrenches. Ideal for one-man jobs, because you can lock it on a nut and then turn the bolt without the hassle of the nut-holding wrench falling off. Forged construction exceeds ANSI standards for torque and is chrome plated for maximum rust resistance. Wrench is 10" long and jaws can open up to 1-1/4" wide. Imported.

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