Heat Index Warning Monitor
$149.85Xtreme Research14 to 140 F-10 to 60 C14 to 140 F-10 to 60 CNoYes1 to 99%YesNoNoNot applicableNot applicableNo
Higher Accuracy Temperature/Humidity Pen
$94.9014 to 122 F-10 to 50 C14 to 122 F-10 to 50 CYesYes5 to 95%NoNoNoNot applicableNot applicableNo
Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitor
$107.25-58°F to 158°F-50°C to 70°C-58°F to 158°F-50°C to 70°CYesYes25 to 90%YesYesYes390 ft.No